Celebrate Science Open Day 13th November

Celebrate Science is the first of two large Family Open Day as part of Cork Science Festival 2016. On Sunday November 13th from 12.00 to 17.00 the Western Gateway Building at UCC will be filled with over 30 different workshops and displays for adults and children. Children and adults can choose from Lego Robotics, Photonics, Disgusting Digestion, Maths and other workshops including tours of the world-renowned FLAME lab and lots lots more.

Some workshops and shows  must be booked online in advance while others are walk in.

Science Shows

The SSPC Science Show: ‘Flames, Flashes and Frozen Flowers –  is an EXPLOSIVE show,  working its way through the most exciting Science demonstrations to showcase the WOW in Science. This electrifying interactive show takes the audience through coloured flames to floating ones and across a range of fascinating physics and explosive chemistry demonstrations. The show transports the audience through the heat of the flames to the icy cold and back again. Shows are available at 12.30 and 14.30 book seats here.

Science Workshops – online booking  

Earth & Space (9-12 yrs) – Junior Achievement Room G-13 (40 mins) Fully Booked – A hands on  science Workshop where children act as aeronautical engineers and experiment with aerodynamic design as they build and launch rockets. 12.30 and 15.00 Book Online

Rainbows to Lasers (9-12 yrs) – Junior Achievement Room G-13 (40 mins) – Examine the properties of light, understand the properties of reflection and build and use a periscope and investigate where light comes from and how light is used in industry and medicine. Workshop times are 13.30 and 16.00 follow the link for booking details.

The Secret Spectrum – Irish Photonic Integration Centre (IPIC) Room G-04 (40 mins) – Book online in advance – Learn how to make your very own DIY spectroscope, which is a special machine used to help us see to secret patterns of light around us. Test out your own version with help from our researchers and see how different light has different colour patterns. Online Booking

Electronic BrainBox – Cork Technology Network (C.E.I.A.) Room G-08 (60 mins) Fully Booked – Book Online in advance – Electronic Brainbox is a great introduction to the world of advanced electronics, children  will learn how to build exciting electronic experiments – safely and easily. The parts are plug and play with no tools or soldering required. Children quickly learn how to use electronics to create lights, motors, burglar alarms, radios and much more. Online Booking

LEGO WeDo Junior Robotics (6-9 yrs) Learn it LEGO Education Room G-17 (60 mins) Fully Booked  Book Online in advance – WeDo is perfect for introducing robotics to young children encourages playful learning by building fun LEGO models with motors and sensors, which are then connected to a computer to use basic programming to influence behavior. Click for booking details.

LEGO Machines & Mechanisms (9-12 yrs) – Learn it LEGO Education Room G-18 (60 mins) – Book Online in advance – Machines and Mechanisms help deepen understanding of how forces can affect motion and explore concepts of energy. Children may build complex mechanisms and use them to make accurate observations, measurements and records; and even design their own solutions. Children engage in activities to predict, estimate, observe, measure, and record their investigations. Click for booking information.

Workshops – drop in anytime  

MathsWorks – Lifetime LabRoom G-02 – Maths Works Mobile is a stimulating and fun introduction to primary maths, motivating children to engage maths through sight, sound, touch and movement though a series of hands on fun math’s based activities covering multiplication, symmetry, problem solving and transformations.

Alimentary Adventures – APC Microbiome Institute Room G-14 – Do you know how your digestive system works?  Why not explore the Alimentary Adventures, an exciting inflatable 8m long walk-through tunnel, which mimics the human digestive system. follow the journey that food takes all the way from the mouth through the digestive system.  And what better way to learn about the digestive system, than to get up close and personal with it!

Food is Funky ! – APC Microbiome Institute Room G-16 (age 10+) Kids & adults too will learn about the passage of food through the digestive system as it turns that delicious food into something that doesn’t look quite the same going out as it does going in! Investigate all the different organs involved in the digestive system. find out what happens to the food you eat and discover food awareness which promotes healthy eating. Are you ready to prepare your own poo? Workshop times are 12.30,13.30,15.00 and 16.00

Myth busting in Public Health – Dept. of Epidemiology and Public Health Room G-15 – Myth busting in Public Health is an exciting introduction to the world of public health and epidemiology. Children and parents will take part in a measuring experiment to learn how much sugar and salt are in our everyday foods. Participants will also learn how to read food labels, examine how epidemiology is used to explore the patterns and causes of disease and what social factors determine whether we stay healthy. Workshop times are 12.00,13.00,15.00 and 16.00

CIT – Sports Science – Room G-09 – Technology and Science play a key role in many coaching decisions before teams take to the field, discover your sports strengths by undertaking an ocular dominance eye test and a handedness tracing test with the team from Cork Institute of Technology.

Tours – Talks – Demonstrations 

UCC Anatomy FLAME Laboratory Tours – (Teens and Adults Only) The state of the art UCC Anatomy FLAME Laboratory takes its name from the sculpture Flame which was commissioned in recognition of the altruism of those who donate their bodies for medical education and research.  FLAME is an acronym for Facility for Learning Anatomy Morphology and Embryology and is the title of a piece of specially commissioned sculpture by the late artist Alexandra Wejchert. The sculpture represents the flame of knowledge which leads to the light of understanding. one off Tours are available at 13.00,14.00,15.00 &16.00 Booking is essential and open to late teens and adults only with a strict no photography policy.

Breakthroughs in Cancer Research – Cork Cancer Research Centre (30 mins) Enjoy a tour and opportunity to meet the scientists at the cold face of developing new treatments for cancer.  See and hear how researchers grow and feed cancer cells, how we are turning bugs in drugs, how we giving electric shock therapies to cancers and why the immune system is so essential in eliminating cancer. Book Online only.

Can you beat Usain Bolt out of the blocks? – Dept. of Physiology – In this workshop participants will measure their own reaction times to various visual and auditory stimuli, determine nerve conduction velocity and assess their reflex responses. This workshop is suitable for all ages from the very young to the very young at heart. Book on line here. Times 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00. Book Online

Exploring DNA – Biochemisty Teaching Lab – Learn all about DNA & proteins and get to run  DNA on an agarose gel during Molecular Biology workshops at UCC’s School of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. These workshops are aimed at late teens and adults with four sessions available times are 12.30,13.00,15.00 and 16.00. Book online here    

Fun with Food – Molecules to Meals – update 8th Nov – Due to unforeseen circumstances this workshop will not go ahead as planned, our apologies to those who had booked in advance.

“It Makes Scents: The Science of Rescue” – Room G-03  13.30 and 15.00Drop in to meet the amazing dogs from the Search and Rescue Dogs Association (SARDA) Ireland and their handlers who will sniff out the science behind search dogs and their training.

UCC Sports ScienceRoom G-03 – 12.30 details TBC

Stress  and Resilience – Room G-03 – 14.00 details TBC

Activity Stands 

Our Celebrate Science fun continues with a host of top research, education and STEM providers showcasing the very best of Cork science week activities. With exhibitors including MaREIINFANT, SEFS, SEAI, APC, CIT, RNLI, SARDA, CEIA, Cog & Axle, SSPC, UCC School of BEES, Alimentary Health, INSIGHT and Wildlife Expert Niamh O’Flynn and with more to add , we have lots of science week experimenting ahead.