SFI Science Week Roadshows

The Eccentric Energy Show -   Wednesday 13th November  

These roadshows are available at no cost to schools with thanks to Science Foundation Ireland 

The Eccentric Energy Show is as eccentric and amazing as it sounds. There will be balls shooting, sticks leaping, fireworks popping and toilet rolls flying all over the place.

You’ll see things you never thought were possible, but it’s not magic… its SCIENCE! 

This is an interactive show, aiming to get the audience as hands-on as possible while they learn about all the different types of energy, what wacky things we can do with them and have they are transferred.

And to finish it all off you can watch Dr. How set her custom built Eccentric Energy Machine in motion and see how many different types of energy will be used to pop one single balloon.

This show is suitable for children of all ages.

The Kino

Washington Street  

Three show times are available: 


 Show 1  9.30 - 10.30

   Show 2  11.00 - 12.00

  Show 3 12.30 - 13.30

Fitness by Design  -   Tues  12th, Wed 13th , Thur 14th  November 

This workshop involves  a number of scientific principles which will help demonstrate the links between scientific theory and practical applications through sports experiments. Participants undertake a series of interactive physical activity challenges focused at providing participants with an understanding of key scientific principles relating to physical activity.

  1. A sensor timing gate ten meter sprint challenge investigating speed and acceleration.

  2. An inflatable distance cage assessing kicking distance in Meters.

  3. The Watt Bike Anaerobic Endurance challenge looks at the relationship with peak power

        and average power output.

   4. The vertical jump challenge investigating ‘explosive power and hang time in the air.

Sessions are facilitated by Paul Quinn BSc Sports Science, PGCE. Each participant will receive an individual  recording sheet and detailed description of each challenge undertaken.

Dates and Venues are as follows:

  • Tuesdays 12th November, Lifetime Lab, Lee Road, Cork City.

  • Wednesday 13th November, Lifetime Lab, Lee Road, Cork City.

  • Thursday 14th November, Blackrock Hurling Club, Blackrock, Cork City

Surprising Science -   Friday    15th November  

The show is packed with science tricks, stunts and puzzles. Matt challenges the audience to discover the sneaky scientific secrets behind the surprising illusions. This is not just an awe & wonder show but one that encourages scientific enquiry and critical thinking skills. Along the way the audience will be taught a host of science tricks using everyday household objects that they can go away and try later; extending the learning and providing teachers with lots of follow up opportunities. During the show Matt will share his background and love of science.

Three show times are available: 


 Show 1  9.30 - 10.30

   Show 2  11.00 - 12.00

  Show 3 12.30 - 13.30