Science for Sustainability @ St. Peters 

We all want to live guilt free, but making big lifestyle changes can be difficult. Sustainability should be about creating opportunities, not about limiting possibilites. Join 4 UCC researchers who are attempting to use the powers of science and nature to enable us to ferment our way to foreign holidays, to use giant metal stomachs to power our buses, to recycle dairy waste into plastic, and use the slime from deep-sea creatures to make our stuff. All of this while ensuring that climate change won't alter the flavour of your favourite merlot and peak oil won't prevent you from buying the latest smart phone!

A fixed installation and a series of talks will take place in St Peter's from Saturday 11th  to Sunday 19th November. Entry is is free and open to the public - just drop in to exhibition or if you wish to attend the talks please see the links below.

Note: On each evening, doors are open from 18:00, the talks will start at 18:30, and there will be plenty of time for questions afterwards.