Developing A Picture of Us: Photo Exhibition

"Developing A Picture of Us" is an open exhibition at Cork City Library, based on research that took place at Cork University Maternity Hospital. 


The photographs in the exhibition were taken by mothers during their pregnancies and shortly after the birth of their babies, to offer an insight into the world of complicated pregnancies.  


The photographs give a personal view into this world of waiting, worrying, preparing and all the love and work involved in bringing these tiny babies into the world.

The mother's views and artistic expressions are the backbone of this exhibition, and the hospital has provided examples of the equipment used to keep these babies healthy and able to go home to their families. 

Sharing these experiences provides an opportunity for these silent experiences to be brought centre stage and begin conversations between patients, healthcare providers and the community. 

There will be over 30 photographic pieces exhibited, alongside artifacts from the hospital. Captions provided by the mothers themselves will be alongside each to give context to the photographs and the meanings held by them. 

Venue: Cork City Library, 61 Grand Parade, Cork.

Date:   November 2nd - 22nd 2019

Times: Regular library opening hours


















About the Project:

Photovoice is a qualitative research method focused on participatory research which documents people’s reality through photography. The aim of the project is to bring new insights and perspectives while raising awareness of hidden and/or overlooked issues for women. Research has shown that PhotoVoice offers enhanced community engagement in action and advocacy, improved understanding of community needs and assets, which in turn could have community or public health benefits and increased individual empowerment.

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