Decoding Cancer: Science v's Fiction

Thursday 16th November, 6.30PM
Room G10, Brookfield Health Sciences Complex,
University College Cork

Think everything you hear about cancer is true? Think again. The internet is full of theories on how cancer can be caused, prevented or treated. But how much of this is true, and how much is fake news?. 

In the latest talk in the Irish Cancer Society’s ‘Decoding Cancer’ series, Dr Robert O'Connor, Head of Research at the Irish Cancer Society, and Dr Derek Power, Medical Oncologist at the Mercy and Cork University Hospitals, will discuss some of the most common myths and misinformation surrounding cancer. Cancer survivor Eileen O'Sullivan will discuss her experience dealing with 'fake news' as a cancer patient. This talk is free but pre-registration is required. Please register here or for more information please see

Decoding Cancer is all about separating the facts from the fiction when it comes to cancer. Run by the Irish Cancer Society, it’s a campaign that aims to dispel the myths around cancer and explore the many real advances being made in prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivorship. These talks are for everyone – from cancer patient and their families, to any member of the public with an interest in cancer and cancer research