The Alchemy of Food:

The Science of Flavour

Change the way you experience food using the science of your senses and explore the alchemy of Cork culinary creations with cocktails and a 5-course tasting menu at Cask and Greenes Restaurant, McCurtain Street, Cork. 






Joined by Paula Conroy of UCC Food Science, the exclusive and intimate night at Cask and Greenes will bring diners on an incredible and edible journey.


Preparing diners’ palates for the 5 course tasting menu, distinguished mixologist and manager at Cask, Andy Ferreira, will share his insights on the science of cocktail making.  He will demonstrate how creativity combined with scientific techniques using aroma, temperature, taste, texture and colour all work together to create the ultimate drink for every occasion.  


Moving to Greenes Restaurant, diners will begin a journey of exploration through a world of culinary science over a number of specially created courses. Accomplished Executive Head Chef at Greenes Restaurant and Cask bar, Bryan McCarthy, has teamed up with Cork Science Festival to create a unique tasting menu to bring to light the incredible alchemy of food using the science of flavour.


From Maillard reactions to caramelization, gelification to fermentation, Bryan McCarthy will gently bring diners through the scientific processes that he uses to create the ultimate dishes and flavours in his kitchen. As well as the science of flavour, Bryan will talk about food pairing and techniques of food alchemy that bring out flavours when combined that are otherwise masked to our tastes and senses.


The Alchemy of Food: Science of Senses will be a truly special event, whether you love food, science, or both, and particularly if you enjoy a one-of-a-kind, enlightening dining experience that will make you think twice about the science and genius of wonderful food.

The Alchemy of Food event takes place on Wednesday, 15 November at 7:00pm. 


Tickets are VERY limited and cost €75 per person.