James Barry Exhibition Centre,

CIT Bishopstown Campus

11th-28th November

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

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The CIT Arts Office STEAM Exhibition Award is presented annually to one or more graduating students from CIT CCAD who’s work uses or responds to “STEM” concepts, processes, or materials. The relationship between the Arts and Sciences runs right through human history, often complimentary, often taking very different perspectives on the same subject matter. CIT itself originates from the Royal Cork Institution, established to promote the Arts and Sciences to the people of Cork.


The 2019 recipients Gemma Harris, Edel Nugent, and Katie Shoer, looked at toxins, diseases, skin and auto-immune disorders as their chosen research topics, exploring these through mixed media, sculpture, paint, and photography.


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Gemma Harris

Artist Statement


My work explores the issue of man-made toxins that destroy, mutate and invade our environmental and biological systems; such as, chemicals, plastics, synthetic material and Petroleum based oils.


I create darkroom camera-less images using light, and chance as well as image manipulation through photoshop.

Human Cells, Ocean bacteria and soil organisms are heavily impacted by man-made toxins. The interconnection between wildlife, nature and the ocean are an important influence on my work.

Kate Shoer

Artist Statement


The work in this series aims to look at disease within the human body, specifically dealing with the auto immune disease, psoriasis. The work is both influenced by personal experience and artists such as Anna Dumitriu and Helen Chadwick, whose works are strongly science based and look at disease within the body.


To communicate this concept, the method of fluid painting is used to represent the uncontrollable fluidity of the illness within the body, and how it is more than a disease on the skin.


Edel Nugent

Artist Statement


The work is an examination of our skin's sanctity, focusing on the fragile protection it provides us and the all-consuming nature of bacterial infection, exploring the relationship between the self and our most intimate layer of defence against invasive pathogens.

The pieces mainly detail bodily growths and the effects of infection. The work intends to present the nature of bacteria and disease, its interaction with skin and the consequences of untreated or aggressive skin conditions. Of particular interest are dermatological inflammation and the repulsive aesthetic in which such diseases present themselves.