About the Organisers

The Cork Science Festival organising committee

is a group of volunteers

from scientific and educational centres in Cork.  

Mervyn Horgan

Mervyn is the Project Manager for Cork Science Festival. 

Ria O'Sullivan

Ria is the Education & Public Engagement Manager in the INFANT Centre in Cork, a research centre focused on making pregnancy safer and improving health outcomes for mothers and their babies worldwide. 

Aoife Deane

Aoife is the Communications & Public Engagement Manager in the MaREI Centre in Cork, a research centre focused on solving the main scientific, technical and socio-economic challenges across the marine and renewable energy sectors

Catherine Buckley

Catherine is the Communications & Outreach Manager for the APC Microbiome Institute in Cork, a research institute focused on gastrointestinal health, investigating the means by which intestinal microbiota influence health and disease 

Alida Zauers

Alida is the Public Engagement & Outreach officer for CONNECT and Tyndall National Institute in Cork. CONNECT focuses on telecommunications research, and TNI specializes in both electronics and photonics. 

Sinead Ryan 

Sinead is the Education & Public Engagement officer at Irish Photonics Integration Centre (IPIC) at Tyndall National Institute, a research centre that develops new light-enabled technologies.

Maria Lago O'Sullivan 

Maria is the General Manager of Mayfield Community Training Centre, part of the Cork Educational Training Board. The CTC provides accredited training and educational programmes, and support services to early school leavers and the young unemployed people of the Mayfield area.